SAP PS Documentation

by alex on May 3, 2008

I found a number of useful PDF documents for SAP PS. Hope you find them helpful.

SAP help also provides a menu driven html versions of SAP PS Documentation.

SAP PS Training

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SAP Project System 2008

by alex on April 12, 2008

Managing your SAP Projects is a conference coming up in October. The conference looks interesting for those involved with SAP PS.

They list the following agenda for the sessions at Managing your SAP Projects 2008:

* SAP project management tools

* Organizational change management

* Project strategy and risk mitigation

* Project Management Office (PMO)

* SAP Solution Manager

* Quality assurance and testing

* PMP certification

* Project and post go-live support strategies

* Team building and leadership

* Governance

* Testing

* Managing any size SAP project

* Outsourcing

* Project and system security

* Utilizing Six-Sigma and Lean Methodologies throughout your SAP project

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cProjects Overview

August 9, 2007

cProjects (Collaboration Projects) is the SAP web-based application built on the Web Application Server (WAS). cProjects is a component of the cProjects Suite. cFolders is another component of cProject Suite. cProjects was designed for organizations that need to manage multi-phase projects with high quality control can benefit from cProjects. cProjects supports flexible project management and […]

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SAP PS Jobs Board

August 7, 2007

I thought it might be helpful to publish a SAP PS jobs board. I spent some time today building the application in Ruby on Rails. It has one day of development into it, so it is likely to have a few bugs. You can check out the job board at If you have a […]

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SAP Primavera Integration Technology Options

June 1, 2007

Here is a list of SAP Primavera integration technology providers to consider if you need to integrate SAP and Primavera.

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SAP PS transaction documentation

May 2, 2007

SAP PS documentation in PDF form that describes the single roles in the Project System (PS) application component. SAP help also provides a menu driven html versions of SAP PS Documentation.

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SAP PS Case Study: Pratt & Whitney

May 2, 2007

 Pratt & Whitney SAP Project System Implementation Case Study Presentation The implementation covers 1,768 projects (268 commercial, 1312 military and 188 space related projects). The system encompasses 1,010,696 WBS elements 61,824 Networks 1,263,818 Activities/Elements 809,860 Assigned Orders If you find other case studies, please let me know via comments.

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The building blocks of SAP Project System

April 6, 2007

At the highest level of SAP PS, projects are defined and then structured into an organizational form that maps to the specific project. Work Breakdown Structure The project is first broken down into work breakdown structures (WBS) which map to specific project deliverables. Networks Each WBS can then be broken down into networks of activities.  […]

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Welcome to the SAP Project System Blog

April 1, 2007

The mission of this site is to share knowledge and information about SAP’s Project System module. This complex system is a powerful tool for managing projects, but is not widely understood by many SAP professionals.  We hope to change that.

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